Alfonso Goes Home

alfonso goes home book cover

About the book

Alfonso Goes Home, the heartwarming tale of a curious, street-smart, homeless cat named Alfonso, is the ultimate adventure for kids and adults to share, learn, and explore together. Oh, the places Alfonso goes! Along the way, spelling and vocabulary are learned and memory games improve comprehension. Finally, the reader gets to choose Alfonso’s happy ending.

Even more exciting is that a portion of all book royalties are donated directly to NAMI – Greater Des Moines to help those suffering from mental illness.

Author, Jamie Lamb, previously served on the Board of Directors for NAMI- Greater Des Moines and is passionate about and grateful for the work that NAMI –Greater Des Moines does for those who suffer from mental illness as well as their families.  “NAMI – Greater Des Moines was there for my family and for me when my loved one became ill and has been all along the journey.  I am eternally grateful,” said Lamb.

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Educational AND FUN!
LOVE this book!Excellent vocabulary building with educational exercises that also encourage thoughtful and FUN conversations with your youngster! Delightful illustrations too.

Kecia Fierro

This is a fast-paced story featuring a street-smart cat who unexpectedly finds himself traveling cross-country from New York City to Agnello Island. While on the island Alfonso discovers a cast of colorful characters, makes new friends and even performs an act of heroism or two. But he’s homesick and determined to return to his beloved NYC, obstacles notwithstanding. Will he make it? Readers are invited to choose the ending they feel is most appropriate, either of which makes for a satisfying conclusion to a charming tale. Rich description, beautiful illustrations and brief educational exercises combine to make this an interactive book that both kids and adults will enjoy.

Rick Van Etten

Loved Alfonso the cat and LOVED the way the book was laid out, an age appropriate fun story with educational opportunities and word building activities throughout the story. I was even charmed with the optional ending and my granddaughter loved choosing how the story ended. (of course, we had to end it both ways multiple times) Again, loved everything from the story to the concept to the educational opportunities. (and the artwork was a fun and a delight.)

Jim Johnson

There was nothing I didn’t like about this interesting, smart, intriguing book. The artwork is a bonus and perfect for the story. The best thing about this book is that is educational for kids and probably some adults. You really don’t want to stop reading it so you can find out what happens to the wonderful character Alfonso! You will love this writer and I personally hope she writes a sequel soon. Well worth the money!

Dot J. Freel